The Ultimate Guide to Packing Your Travel Bags

A lot of people have good ideas about what to bring and what to leave behind while travelling, but they’re often afraid to put it all into action. 

This is especially true for people travelling for the first time, who don’t know where to begin or what to expect. For those who have travelled before, the packing process will seem second nature, but even they will find a few things to learn! 

To help you travel smarter and pack lighter, we’ve put together a list of the best travel gear and accessories that will help you get there. So, taking no more of your time, let’s begin.

What Should You Pack?

Whenever you’re travelling, you should aim to pack in all the essential stuff like cash, ID Cards, spare clothes, sunglasses, camera, first aid kit, sanitizer, medicines, self-care products, gadgets, etc. 

But at the same time, your luggage should also be handy enough to easily carry around.


This is one of the most important parts of packing, and it will be more of a challenge if you’re going on your first holiday. You can check out some travel packing lists for making your luggage light and compact. 

In fact, one of the top ways you can make a bag lighter is to bring a light one! Some good options include backpacks, suitcases and trolley bags.

Packing Tips and Tricks

To help you pack efficiently, we have listed down some helpful tips and tricks. Let’s check out what they are.

Packing tips and tricks
  1. Know what you’ll need, and what you won’t. Pick out a small trolley or wheeled luggage for your travel essentials. This will save you time when packing and you can organise your stuff as you fill it. 
  2. You should not fill your suitcase to the brim. If you have loads of stuff to carry, consider purchasing a bigger luggage set. 
  3. Start with the basic stuff, like clothes, toiletries and sundries. You’ll be travelling for a few weeks at most, so you’ll need the bare minimum. 
  4. Be sure to include an extra set of underwears and socks and maybe a tee shirt or two. It would be beneficial in cases of emergencies!

The Last Minute Travel Checklist

For the spontaneous travellers, a travel checklist proves to be a life saver! We have done the hard work for you and created this checklist to help you pack your luggage quickly and get going! Always ensure you have the following while traveling:

Travel checklist
  • Important documents like Passport, Visa, tickets, ID proof, License, etc
  • Clothes and Toiletries like beauty supplies, skin care products, medications, health and hygiene products, first aid kit, etc.
  • Financial stuff like wallet, appropriate currency, extra money for emergency situations, etc.
  • Accessories like footwear, umbrellas, magazines, googles, contact lense, hair straighteners, wristwatch, notebook, etc. 
  • Electronics like mobile, charger, laptop, powerbank, headphones, etc.


So, are you ready to pack your bags? It may seem overwhelming, but the key is to only pack items you can carry. While you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for your trip, make sure you can manage with lightweight and portable bags. Happy travels!

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